Approachable. Simple. Workable.



We set strategies and transform the  supply chain management functions of a company into one of the enablers of the company’s success. United we get done  process and organizational reengineering, project management , tendering,  KPI management, outsourcing and 3rd party management. The scope can be extended  to system solution designs ensuring the processes drive the business.


Interims line management can be provided for a seamless business operation while aiming for the right set-up.



We get things done.



We truly deliver value added services  to supply chain management functions  by pairing street capabilities, an open mind set, a good common sense and -most important- an earth grounded hands on working style. This allows us to work cross-functional and integrated, always keeping the customer at the heart of our decision making.



One of our key values is being approachable and speaking the same language as our customers. Certainly we are stuffed with extensive  experience in different industries and  acting on all  management levels. Our people have various cultural backgrounds being able to maneuver in all environments.

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